Cultural and Artistic Mission

MajorMinor projects itself as a school of integral artistic education and that, combining the know-how and background of its teachers, seeks to give a new answer to its students and families. It intends to interact, support and grow within the community, in a logic artistic quality, pedagogical maturity and humanistic spirit. Taking advantage of the complementarity of the training provided and through its cultural program, it also intends to develop greater relationships between agents and community participants, promoting group work, improving interpersonal, family and social relationships and awakening individual motivation for Art. MajorMinor aspires to be recognized as a reference institution in the teaching of Music, but also in relations with the community where it is inserted in combating school failure and promoting a culture of effort, where the principles of justice and respect for society are encouraged, as well as individual qualities and solidarity.



  • To prepare professional musicians.
  • To contribute to the formation of audiences with aesthetic sensibility, both for the arts and for the world around them, ultimately promoting national growth and progress.
  • To promote concerts and music shows that capture national and foreign audiences.
  • To foster the generation of individual and collective values ​​of harmony, empathy and solidarity.
  • To promote artistic training for the most disadvantaged children and young people, socially and/or economically speaking.
  • To promote music education from an inclusive perspective for children and young people with special educational needs, and / or the disabled.
  • To sensitize young people, both women and men, to the importance of gender equality, in order to generate equal opportunities for all.
  • To contribute to a responsible and productive use of leisure time.
  • To foster team spirit.
  • To adopt and apply a curriculum that is recognized by other similar institutions worldwide (ABSRM).
  • To establish exchange protocols with other similar institutions.
  • To inspire for ethical and aesthetic values ​​and sensitivities, as well as promoting the well-being and happiness of our students.

Artistic Mission

At MajorMinor we will have, in addition to teaching and artistic consultancy, the promotion of conferences, exhibitions, workshops, master classes, workshops and musical shows, among others.