Quem Somos

MajorMinor – A teaching and artistic consultancy team in the area of ​​Music, with international recognition (ABSRM) and national recognition, given the credentials of our teachers. Through education through Music, we intend to contribute to the development of each student, seen in full. It is known that the learning of Music leads to the development of cognition, emotional intelligence and the ability to look across different areas of knowledge, favoring associative thinking, the ability to concentrate, attention to detail, the structuring of thought and capacity of organization, reasoning, motor skills, communication and perception skills, linguistic, psychomotor and socio-affective development of individuals. Thus, learning music is transformed not only into an aesthetic and playful experience, but also into a process that facilitates mathematical reasoning, through embodied and kinetic sensations, along with a continued stimulus to creative and inventive processes. At MajorMinor, we intend to more than fill gaps in music education through the use of universal and tried and tested teaching methodologies, that this becomes an aggregating and comprehensive project in our country. In this way, we are convinced that Music is a universal cultural asset and that its knowledge should not be the privilege of restricted groups, but rather, of all strata of the population, since it contributes to social and personal formation, improves self-esteem and culturally enriches students, their families and the community in general, while promoting values ​​of harmony, empathy and solidarity. It is, therefore, MajorMinor’s purpose, to involve children, young people and adults in the musical learning process, who normally would not have access to this type of experience, developing their skills and artistic sensitivity. We intend to train better people, who may also be, in the near future, a more knowledgeable audience and above all, enlightened and free individuals.