Dewey Wilkerson. Gorak along with his musical organization of festival sideshows

Dewey Wilkerson




Group & Family


  • Hal Wilkerson (grandfather)
  • Lois Wilkerson (mommy)


  • Francis (oldest uncle)
  • Reese (older buddy)
  • Malcolm (older bro)
  • Jamie (younger uncle)
  • Unborn sibling


  • Chad
  • Hanson
  • Zoe Desenea
  • Egg
  • Gorak and his band of festival sideshows
  • Craig Feldspar

Creation Facts

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Depicted by

Dewey Wilkerson may be the tritagonist associated with the show. Born July 12, 1993 (depicted by Erik a Sullivan) had been the 4th and youngest child of Lois and Hal through the earliest four times through to the delivery of Jamie.


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Biography [ edit | edit origin ]

The peculiar son or daughter, Dewey is renowned for their weird actions and a little manipulative tips (e.g, Dewey frequently sticks facts into his ears) first-time we come across him he’s 6 yrs old but in programs finale he’s 12, Dewey will be the ‘baby’ for the family for almost all of this show, getting a mature buddy when Jamie comes into the world when you look at the finale of season four. He or she is a lot more artistically inclined than their brothers, playing keyboard and composing opera sounds in later symptoms. In the 1st period, he was in the first quality.

Despite being the youngest of this Wilkerson brothers in the very beginning of the series plus distinction toward whining of his old brothers (especially Malcolm) Dewey has the worst lifetime of all of them. He has got skilled a life of total neglect and starvation from happiness. His mothers being very centered on handling their damaging earlier brothers and doing intercourse posses overlooked your through the time he was born, creating not have actually taken photographs of him inside the infancy and childhood and never actually giving him vaccinations and generally miss events with him from the middle. Their elderly brothers do-nothing but result in the condition bad and they also dismiss him and literally and psychologically bully your at every possible chance. Dewey sums right up his lifetime into the event “kid: parts 1”, disclosing which he gets the small conclusion of the things and it has never also skilled basic christian cupid joys of lives such a bed to himself, a hot bath and even their own clothing. Also their birthdays aren’t spared from misuse and overlook of their family members as his moms and dads either completely ignore they and his brothers overcome your on they. As a result Dewey is promoting a hatred for a lot of his household members, particularly Reese and is also demonstrated to capture sincere pleasure in whatever distress they can in person deliver onto all of them.

In earlier seasons, while a kid, Dewey is demonstrated to bring an exceptionally poor realize of truth. Typically from his viewpoint the guy asks Lois and Hal for something, during real life he or she is organizing a horrendous fit. He in addition thought characters on television are really talking to your. Also their memories and fantasies stray from reality therefore the latest scenario considerably.

Dewey can be uncovered getting nearly as smart as Malcolm, but Dewey’s intelligence try geared considerably towards creative activities, the most known which was sounds which he exhibited by instructing himself to try out the piano expertly in addition to creating an entire opera. As he got an intelligence examination, Malcolm planned to help save him from are make the talented class so done the test to make Dewey search stupid. nevertheless he moved too far, and Dewey got put in a class for disturbed young ones known as the “Buseys”. Although in the beginning enraged, Dewey knew the Buseys had been ignored of the college and grabbed fee of them (because their correct teacher usually slept during lessons). Even though blunder had been rapidly discovered and class was actually prepared to push your for the traditional lessons, Dewey didn’t abandon the Buseys and threw a big temperament tantrum.

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